Our CFO support program will give you the financial support like a co-pilot gives the captain on a long haul airline flight. Before takeoff, a pilot will create a flight plan on how to arrive at his/her destination. Mid-flight the flight crew continuously monitor the cockpit’s dashboard and navigation system, ensuring that all essential systems such as fuel, altimeter, speed, etc. are performing perfectly to guarantee the safe arrival of the airplane to its destination.

The role of a virtual CFO is to provide your business with the same essential information using Key Performing Indicators (KPI’s) to provide real-time performance sensors on how well your business is performing and moving closer to its destination.

A Virtual CFO will provide your business with:

Gross Profit Margin Analysis (GP)

A business’s Gross Profit Margin (GP) is like the 2 engines on an airplane that provides the thrust that keeps the airplane aloft in the air. The better your GP is the more thrust and lift your business will have. A CFO will maximize the thrust your business engines generate getting you faster to your business goals.

Cash flow Forecasting

Cashflow is the jet fuel that fuels the engines of a plane to generate thrust and keep the airplane in the air. Without adequate fuel in the tank, the engines stop and the plane loses altitude. Keeping a close eye on your cash flow is imperative to the success of your business. A pilot will constantly
monitor the fuel gauge on a flight to ensure the engines have what it needs to complete the flight. A CFO will help your business manage its cash flow and also plan and forecast your business’s cash flow needs to ensure your business completes its flight plan.


Just like our pilot’s flight plan, a business budget is an enormously powerful tool for a successful business it is a financial flight plan for your business. A good budget is not only a carbon copy of the current status of the business but needs to be created as an operation and performance model, yielding a maximum return to business owners. Budgeting is key for measuring up – to – date monthly performance against past data to make continuous corrections, closing gaps between current and budgeted performance. As your CFO, we are here to help your business, creating a tailor-made budget that works for you and your team in achieving goals and outcomes.

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