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For many business owners, bookkeepers, and admin staff, chasing outstanding debtors is an extremely uncomfortable task. So what happens when people don’t like doing these tasks? They procrastinate. Generally, the task of chasing outstanding invoices gets pushed down the priority list and consequently, cash flow begins to suffer until the situation becomes desperate.
Ventura Hat loves those uncomfortable situations, placing a first priority focus on attaining your aged debtors resulting in improved cash flow in a more timely manner.


What’s better than having to have those uncomfortable conversations? Avoiding them in the first place! Working on your aged receivables regularly and consistently avoids and minimizes the need for more aggressive debtors collection and results in the early payment before accounts become a bigger problem. The implementation of payment plans and regular communications with clients has a higher success rate of payment instead of allowing debt to age, and then becoming more likely to require the writing of that debt off or more assertive collection activities that usually result in losing a customer, and worse, burning a bridge.


Entrusting your client’s relationships in our hands is something we take very seriously. Our experienced team is experts at working with your client’s point of contact to create sustainable, long term and friendly relationships, unlike traditional debt collecting where uncomfortable pressure results in negative relationships. We always find that a positive and nurturing experience results in your payments becoming a priority of your customers.


Forget about sleepless nights, wondering how you intend to pay your bills, employees, or liabilities. Cash is KING! It’s the lifeblood of a business and is the most common factor attributing to the demise of a business. A stronger cash flow results in your business being better positioned to take on greater opportunities such as investing in more stock and equipment, funding a new contract, or employing that new team member you’ve always wanted.


Business doesn’t have to be so tough. So we’ve made it easy to get started:

0-50 $95 $55 $55p/h Flat Rate
51 – 100 $149 $55 $55p/h Flat Rate
101 – 150 $204 $55 $55p/h Flat Rate
151 – 200 $259 $55 $55p/h Flat Rate
200+ Contact us Contact us Contact us
*Update Client Contact File $10 per contact
*Preparation of Payment Plan & Schedule $30 per plan
*Preparation of Letter of Demand $50 per plan